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Our Amazing categories




The ‘basic’ plan for the price-conscious customer.
This option offers more or less the same services , but is the most affordable at the same time with comfort. The unique selling point is that it is comprise of small clean cars Japanese and Pakistan (600 cc-1000cc). To avail a ride anywhere, anytime, without worrying about anything. book aride, call or just HOP IN the car whenever you spot one.


The ‘premium’ plan with better and bigger cars
If you are a business who is hoping to look after the commuting needs of its employees, and that too in a very competitive package, Awami Taxi will be offer this category absolutely for people like you. It is better and comfy compared to previous category at better-than-usual rates. We ave cars such as HONDA and COROLLA models and much more. same as the previous category. Book ride or give us call and we will have you wheels up in no time.


The ‘very basic’ plan for anyone.
This category i made of small cars such as Mehran and old model cars. Having said this it doesnt mean that u will have bad journey. we can guarantee you that the car will pick you and drop you to your location otherwise ride is on us.