Let’s get you a ride

Choose how and when you ride

Select a car that suits your preference and choose to ride now, or schedule a ride for later.or simple HOP IN. You can call on out number , send message on social media or just spot one of our car on road

Meet your Driver

Track the arrival of your car in real time. We will send you all your divers details, including what car colour and model of car to look out for. that s not all you dont need to call your driver we have in-app chatting system. send him message and he will tell you exactly where he is.

Pay how you want

You can use cash for now and soon you will be able to use credit card and most of popular local payment services. We are also working on our own payment system so stay tuned. This will allow u to take ride with us absolutely cashless

Rate your ride

Tell us about your experience so we can make the next one even better. if you have had any problem with driver dont hesitate to contact us.

Key Features


See your ride in real-time

You can track your Captain from the moment they're on the way until you get dropped off. You can even share your ETA to let friends and family know where you are on your journey.


Ride when you’re ready

Scheduled a meeting? Need to get to the airport? You can book a ride for Later, and get picked up right on time. The repeat function makes it easy to schedule multiple future rides.


An easy way to with us

We’ve always given you the option to tip your Captain, but now we’ve made it even simpler. After rating them 4 or 5 stars, you will be able to leave a tip without leaving the app.

Other cool stuff


In-app support

Contact us, find answers to FAQs, and report problems directly from the help section in the app.


Loyalty partners

We have a variety of awesome partners across the region to bring you the best offers.


Wallet overflow

No change? Your Captain can add the excess cash to your Wallet as credit for future rides.


Get free rides

Your friends get a discount when you refer them and you earn credits! What’s not to like?